Skill 1


  1. Splits on land. Compulsory pass
  2. Ballet Leg supported by 5 litre bottles
  3. Stationary Back Layout (5secs) and then Head First Travel on back for 5 metres
  4. Back tucked somersault (Figure 310)
  5. Hanging Vertical
  6. Straight Arm Back Crawl to music 1 width, maximum 10 metres
  7. Front layout followed by prone position travelling 3 metres using reverse scoop scull
  8. Supported scull supported by side of pool or by woggle
  9. Long sitting against a wall demonstrating fully extended knees
  10. Stationary Eggbeater
  11. Torpedo scull 8 metres
  12. Pike Fall

General Conditions
Black costume and white hat to be worn

  1. At least 11 out of 12 skills must be passed but all must be


  2. Unless otherwise stated, movements should be performed

    relatively stationary and in uniform motion.

  3. To ensure all points can be assessed, assessors may ask the swimmer to perform the skill up to 3 times.
  4. For the Pike fall, the water depth must be at least 1.8 metres deep.
  5. Dry land skills must be assessed in an appropriate environment.
  6. For dry land skills swimmers must wear a costume/leotard.
  7. Assessors are asked to highlight any areas in which the Swimmers are not yet competent.
  8. Swimmers must pass a minimum of 9 skills for retakes.
  9. Skill 1 is a compulsory pass but can be retaken as one of their 2 retakes
  10. Except for splits, swimmers may retake up to 2 skills a maximum of 2 times
  11. Heights given are minimum.
  12. 5 Litre bottles must be used.
  13. Words enclosed in “inverted commas” should be regarded as approximate.